Bouquet of colorful blooming hydrangea flowers in a vase
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The Simple Plastic Wrap Hack For Keeping Your Flowers Fresh
If you’re cutting flowers from your garden and want them to hold up while you transport them, then Cling Wrap King Reynolds has the perfect plastic wrap hack for you.
All you’ll need is plastic wrap, water, paper towels, and flowers. If using store-bought flowers, snip off the ends with scissors on a diagonal angle for optimal water absorption.
Take two squares (or more) of a paper towel and fold them over on each other before wetting them with cold water and wringing them out so that they are damp, but not dripping.
Place the bouquet in the middle of the paper towels, fold the sides, and roll the paper towel over the top. Finish it off by wrapping it tightly with plastic wrap.
Add a rubber band to make sure it’s extra secure. You can wrap it in ribbon to hide the paper towel or store the ends in a Ziploc bag to protect against moisture.