Light fixture on popcorn ceiling
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The Simple Technique To Cover Popcorn Ceilings Without A Mess
Scraping off popcorn ceilings is tough and hazardous to lung health if done incorrectly. A safer option is skim-coating, which covers the texture with layers of joint compound.
Popcorn ceilings often contain dangerous asbestos, so don't mess with your ceiling until you've had the material tested. If your ceilings are safe, buy some joint compound.
You need to apply multiple layers to hide the popcorn texture, so buy about a gallon of compound for every 50 square feet. Also, grab some 150-grit to 220-grit sandpaper sheets.
To get started, prepare the room by covering it with drop cloths. Take one of your buckets and mix a portion of the joint compound according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Starting in one corner, place the long edge of your knife where the ceiling meets the wall and spread the mixture outward. Focus on filling up the grooves in the texture.
Let the compound dry before applying the next layer, then do one more if needed. Once dry, sand the entire ceiling, moving from the 150-grit to the finer 220-grit sandpaper.
Sponge away the dust, changing the water frequently between swipes, and let it dry again. If you spot any small holes, fill them with compound, let them dry, then sand and sponge.