Taper candles on a table
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The Simple Trick For Making
Sure Your Candlesticks Stay In Place
If you own taper candles, you may find that they come loose and move around, which is a fire hazard, but it also creates a slanted look that takes away from
your home’s decor.
Thankfully, TikTok user @hannah_naylor_ demonstrated in a video an easy way to help make sure that your candles stay in place by using museum wax.
The TikTok user said, “Putting a little mount on the bottom of each candlestick and placing it in your holder will allow for a nice, snug, and tight fit every single time.”
By using museum wax, your candles will hold if you don't push and prod them around too much. If your candle becomes loose again, just remove the old wax and apply a new layer.