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The Simple Trick For Removing Mold From Your Mattress
It's often possible to clean the mold off a mattress, especially if it’s recent. The key is being thorough, but you cannot saturate the mattress or pour many chemicals onto it.
Be sure to wear protective gear for this project. After removing all the bedding from the mattress to launder thoroughly, use a strong, small vacuum to pull up all loose debris.
To treat the remaining mold, use a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water in a 1:1 ratio. Gently apply it either with a spray bottle or blot the surface with a cloth.
Then, use another towel and clean water to rinse the solution. You may need to repeat this process, working small sections of the mattress at a time and using minimal water.
Use a sanitizing solution next. These fabric sanitizers work to kill any existing microbes that could encourage further mold growth, and can be found at any home improvement store.
After you've cleaned the mattress, dry it out. Mold loves moist environments, so you want to use a fan or a dehumidifier, or you can place the mattress in direct sunlight.
Finally, clean the surrounding area using an antibacterial cleaning solution for the foundation of the bed, headboard, nightstand, and anything else in
the general area.
If you are having respiratory symptoms from the mold, such as coughing or trouble breathing, it may be too significant to simply clean up. At this point, dispose of the mattress.