An opened box of vaseline petroleum jelly
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The Simple Vaseline Paint Trick All DIYers Will Want To Know About
Distressing furniture is the act of modifying its paint job so that it looks well-worn, well-loved, and vintage, and using Vaseline is the easiest way of achieving this look.
Since the waxes and oils that Vaseline is made from create an impenetrable barrier between the furniture and the paint, the paint won't stick where Vaseline is applied.
This allows the furniture's original paint finish to shine through, making it seem like frequent use has worn off the paint and gives the piece a vintage appearance.
Apply Vaseline with fingers or a brush on the furniture in the areas you're looking to distress — ideally, the areas that are raised or would come into frequent contact.
Paint over the piece, and once the paint is dry, wipe off the Vaseline to reveal the distressed look. You can also use spray paint so the Vaseline doesn't get mushed in the paint.