Shower curtain in old tiled bathroom
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The Simple Vaseline Trick For Fixing Your Hard-To-Open Shower Curtain
Vaseline is non-toxic and water resistant and serves various uses, including as an effective way to smooth out the movements of a shower curtain.
Start by removing the shower curtain from its rod before cleaning to ensure that accumulated dirt, hardened grime, or remnants of old lubricant are completely wiped off.
Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly across the entire rod length, mainly concentrating on the areas where the curtain rings slide.
Moderation is key, as applying an excess of Vaseline could lead to it dripping down or possibly staining your curtain. Once applied, rehang the shower curtain.
The curtain should now glide smoothly across the rod, free from resistance. Repeat the process every few months or if you notice the curtain starting to stick again.