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The Simple Vinegar Hack For Keeping Wasps
Away From
Your Home
Wasps and their hives can be a nuisance for a homeowner, but there is a hack with apple cider vinegar that can help deter them from nesting.
Apple cider vinegar's sour-fruit scent is attractive to wasps and can lure them into a trap, which is safer and easier than spraying.
Pour some apple cider vinegar into a narrow-necked bottle, add a little sugar and a few drops of dish soap, then stir gently to avoid making soap bubbles.
The soap will catch the wasps, trapping them in the liquid before they can figure out how to escape and effectively drown them.
Place the trap near where you have seen wasps, emptying and refilling it every three to four days with fresh ingredients, and soon you'll have far fewer wasps around.