A person flipping breaker on electrical panel
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The Simple Way To Hide Your Home's Unsightly Electrical Panel
Since relocating an electrical circuit breaker panel can be costly or even impossible, it's best to hide it by installing a cabinet around it, just like TikTok's @andrewparashis.
As the TikToker demonstrates, you can cover the panel with a shallow cabinet frame and inset panel doors, resulting in a minimalist surround that's much more pleasing to the eye.
Then, paint the cabinet the same shade as the walls, allowing it to blend in with the space. You can use premade cabinets, take on a DIY project, or make one from old cabinets.
To DIY a cabinet, construct a basic structural interior frame out of 2x4s, while decorative hardwood boards like 1x3s can be used to make the outer decorative face frame.
Cabinet doors can be made from various types of plywood and attached with hinges to the interior frame. Then, the hardware can be installed to complete the cabinet.
However, always ensure to check with local code requirements on clearance and access for electrical panels before determining the design.