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The Simplest Ways To Keep Your Patio Rug From Blowing Away
Securing your patio
rug corners prevents damages while also keeping you and your loved ones from tripping over edges that become flipped from the wind.
To keep your rug flat, simply arrange your patio furniture so that it maximizes conversation but also rests on part of the rug that may turn over during a gust of wind.
If your furniture isn't heavy enough, another solution to provide you more stability is to use additional items, such as heavy and durable planters that withstand strong breezes.
A metal bucket or waterproof basket can also be placed on a rug corner. Put weights inside to keep it secure, then fill it with leisure items like backyard toys or gardening tools.
Adhesive tape is another way to go, but use it to secure the rug to a heavy rug pad. This pad is made of rubber, offering weight and stability that will
keep the rug in place.