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The Smart IKEA Shoe Storage Hack That's Perfect For Small Spaces
The TRONES wall-mounted shoe storage cabinet from IKEA is a great way to organize shoes, but it is made of polypropylene plastic that tends to look and feel somewhat cheap.
TikTok creator Christina, who uses the username heyitskeeso, added a simple wood board to turn the TRONES storage cabinet into a classy entryway shelf for a small apartment.
Christina says, "We cut, measured, and stained the wood, then we used heavy-duty double-sided tape to stick it on top." She styled it with a plant, a candle, and a small bowl.
Answering a comment about the wood measurements, Christina replied, "The wood is 6.25D x 40.5L x .75 H." She also stated that the IKEA plastic piece is fairly durable.
The hack creates an impressive difference and is surprisingly affordable and easy to complete. You can purchase a set of two TRONES shoe storage bins online for just $39.99.
An unfinished pine board like the one Christina used shouldn't go above $10.00, and a jar of wood stain may cost up to $15. All in all, the hack can be completed for less than $65.