Joanna Gaines holding up a copy of her book The Stories We Tell
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The Smart Way HGTV's Joanna Gaines Hides Her Microwave
Joanna Gaines, co-host of the popular HGTV show "Fixer Upper," offers a smart tip for maintaining tidy and spacious kitchens: Hide the microwave within cabinets or pantries.
This strategy not only frees up invaluable counter space, particularly crucial in smaller kitchens, but also strategically keeps the appliance beyond the reach of curious children.
Moreover, concealing the microwave protects it from unwanted dust and grease exposure, thus reducing the need for frequent exterior cleaning and extending the appliance's lifespan.
As Gaines points out in her book "Homebody," it's important to have an outlet nearby or to install a new one specifically for the microwave for this setup to work.
If you opt for a cabinet, ensure it's spacious enough for the microwave and offers ample ventilation. When selecting a shelf, make sure it can support the appliance's weight.