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The Smarter Alternative To Storing Shoes In Bulky Cardboard Boxes
Storing shoes in the bulky boxes they come in is typically unattractive and can ruin the vibe of a room. Instead, consider investing in a shoe cubby, rack, or organizer.
There are many excellent shoe storage options, such as the beloved Shoe Storage by Loon Peak, available for around $100 at Wayfair. It can conveniently hold 15 pairs
of shoes.
Another option is the versatile VASAGLE Shoe Rack Bench, which comes in sizes ranging from six to 15 cubbies and sells for $70 to $95 at Walmart.
A more affordable option is the Sorbus 6 Pair Stackable Shoe Storage Box, available at Wayfair for about $30. It's stackable, freestanding, and made of gray fabric and cardboard.
You can also DIY your own custom shoe organizers, such as a wood shoe cubby or a shoe rack made out of wire hangers like the one YouTuber @123GOSHORTS made.