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The Smoky Wood Flooring Trend You'll See Everywhere
In 2024
Smoked wood flooring was favored in America by furniture designer Gustav Stickley in the early 1900s, and it’s expected to make a big resurgence in 2024.
Way back in 2014, interior designer Catherine Skaletsky chose "dark burnished smoked wood flooring" for her new home because it typified subdued comfort, per Northshore Magazine.
Oak By Design says that smoked wood isn't "a flat, one-tone color, as a stain would give; it is a much more natural look." That moody finish is what will make it popular in 2024.
To create smoked wood flooring, planks of timber are exposed to ammonia gas, drawing the tannins to the surface. This darkens the wood and highlights the grain patterns.
The amount of tannin in a piece of wood varies between species, regions, and individual trees, resulting in a lot of variation across the flooring, a uniqueness many people covet.
Like solid hardwood, smoked wood is easy to clean and refinish. Scratches on smoked wood are less noticeable than on stained wood since the color is embedded into the planks.