A toilet, toilet brush in its holder, and rolls of paper towel
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The Step You Shouldn't Skip When Giving Your Bathroom A Deep Clean
While cleaning the toilet is a vital part of deep cleaning the bathroom, be sure not to place the germ-laden toilet brush back into its holder without sanitizing it first.
Most people put the wet toilet brush right back in its holder. However, this method leaves the brush sitting in a pool of its own filthy water, which isn't sanitary.
To clean the brush, spray it with a good disinfectant or hydrogen peroxide while holding it over the toilet to prevent any drips from contaminating the
bathroom floor.
Then, place the brush under the toilet seat so that it's suspended above the water, which allows it time to further disinfect and dry. Be sure to sanitize the holder, as well.
Apply a disinfectant spray and utilize paper towels for cleaning so that once the brush is dry, it can be stored in a germ-free holder, ready and hygienic for its next use.