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The Strange TikTok Oven-Cleaning Trick That Actually Works
Even the most enthusiastic cleaner despises cleaning the oven, not only because it’s tedious, but because it’s a very difficult place to thoroughly clean. The good news is that a viral TikTok video from user @allisonscleanin shows a very effective way to clean the oven.
The simple hack uses a handheld vacuum to suck up all the larger particles and the pesky residue found in hard to reach places. After using the vacuum, @allisonscleanin recommends wiping down the oven with Dawn Powerwash paired with a white vinegar/water mixture for a non-toxic solution.
Many people in the comments seem pleasantly surprised by this hack, and one user wrote, “Tried this today & my oven is cleaner than it's been in 8 years! Thanks!” However, proving it's just about impossible to please everyone, there were also quite a few comments that suggested using the self-clean function instead.