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The Stunning Houseplant That Can Purify Your Home's Air
Calathea, a vibrant plant with striking patterns, is a potent air purifier, effectively removing harmful compounds from indoor air.
Native to South America, calathea thrives in warm, humid environments, requiring additional misting or a humidifier to reach its healthiest state.
Calathea and other air-purifying plants can eliminate chemical compounds from the air, providing potential relief for allergies and asthma.
Ensure bright, indirect sunlight, warmth, and high humidity for calathea. Use well-draining soil and avoid direct sunlight to prevent leaf burns.
Opt for potting soil with moisture retention and good drainage. Consider specialized mixes like Gardenera Premium Calathea Plant Potting Mix.
Keep calathea in a warm, draft-free location, maintain consistent soil moisture, and use rainwater or distilled water to avoid sensitivity to tap water minerals.