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The Stunning Lighting Trend HGTV Star Jeremiah Brent Loves
Lighting that doubles as art is what HGTV star Jeremy Brent is using in his projects. Instead of nondescript lights that just blend in, he suggests using lighting as a feature.
Feature lighting creates interest that draws the eye above countertops and other furniture to make a statement, allowing spaces to become more memorable.
Like good art, statement lighting can stand the test of time, so it's worth investing in. An architectural piece will look just as interesting in 30 years as it will today.
“Everything doesn't have to be utilitarian. It can actually be really beautiful and functional,” Brent says. Hop on this trend by looking for lamps that are artistic and fun.
If you’re outfitting a large living room, choose a sufficiently large floor lamp or else it will get lost in the space. If it’s a small bedroom, avoid oversized nightstand lamps.
Always ensure that the lighting is functional. If it's in a dining room where you need ample light over a table, you need multiple bulbs to sufficiently illuminate the whole room.