Field of Sunflowers under blue sky.
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The Sunflower Alternative That Will Give You Color In The Winter
Sunflowers are gorgeous in summer and fall, but none are capable of withstanding winter. If you want color year-round, try planting Mexican marigold instead.
This plant is native to warm regions and blooms in the cooler months, giving color to otherwise lifeless terrain. They are tall like sun-flowers; shrubs can grow upwards of 6 feet.
Established Mexican marigolds are drought-tolerant and can go most of the winter without being watered, only needing a deep drink every one or two weeks in the summer.
Mexican marigolds thrive in warmer locations. The short days of fall and winter trigger the blooms, and it’s best to deadhead flowers as soon as they start to wilt.
Marigolds have similar characteristics to sunflowers, with Mexican marigolds more like perennial sunflowers such as the swamp sunflower, which has a bush-like appearance.