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The Sweet-Smelling Plant You Should Put In Your Bathroom
Dispelling odors with overpriced air fresheners and toilet sprays aren’t good for you or the environment. Go natural and freshen up your bathroom with a fragrant jasmine plant.
Jasmine is a low-maintenance, ornamental flowering shrub that’ll enhance your bathroom with its subtle perfume, snow-white flowers, and gentle yet effective air-purifying ability.
In aromatherapy, Jasmine is known for helping with stress reduction and relaxation, and the soothing scent from the oils in its flowers may even have antidepressant properties.
Put it next to the sink, on a shelf above the toilet, or in a window hanging from a macrame plant holder — just as long as it gets a few hours of bright, indirect sunlight daily.
Unlike artificial sprays that mask odors while releasing potentially harmful chemicals, jasmine absorbs pollutants and releases oxygen, actively purifying and scenting the air.