Tabasco Sauce, iconic hot sauce from Louisiana
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The Tabasco Hack That
Will Keep Yellowjackets Away From Your Outdoor Parties
Yellowjackets are not insects you want to cross paths with, but that can be hard in the summer when the weather is pleasant enough to entice both you and members of the local yellowjacket colony outdoors. Keeping them away from outdoor gatherings, however, can be achieved with a common pantry item.
If you enjoy spicy food, your bottle of Tabasco, which includes the naturally occurring chemical capsaicin, which insects find repulsive, will help you stay safe from insects in general as well as those pesky yellowjackets. Capsaicin is so toxic to insects that it was listed
with the Environmental Protection
Agency as a repellent in 1962.
Using a mixture of water and Tabasco can keep yellowjackets away while also protecting your plants. However, it should only be used when yellowjackets are present because it deters other beneficial insects, such as the honeybee, which is why it is recommended to spray it on flowers after they have blossomed.