Snake slithering in gravel near a home
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The Tasty Fruit That'll Repel Snakes From Your Yard And Garden
If you have some oranges, grapefruits, or even lemons to spare, you can use any of these citruses to keep snakes from entering your yard or garden.
To try this natural hack, make a citrus solution by placing collected lemon, grapefruit, or orange rinds into a mason jar. Add water and let the skins steep for at least 24 hours.
Pour the solution through a sieve and collect it in a spray bottle. Spray down your deck, patio, garden areas, or any other place you want snakes to stay away from.
Alternatively, use the peels as a deterrent, rubbing them into the deck railing or other areas to keep snakes away. You can also leave a bowl of wedges around strategic spots.
Do this once daily or every few days to ensure that the scent stays strong. This hack works due to the limonene in citrus fruits, a chemical that repels these slithering nuisances.