Fresh cucumbers growing / hanging in an urban greenhouse in the summer with full foliage
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The Tell-Tale Sign It's Time To Harvest Your Cucumbers
Cucumbers are a popular choice to grow in your garden, but one of the most puzzling parts of planting them is figuring out the exact moment to harvest them.
First, you want to look at the skin color. A dark green tone with skin that isn’t shiny indicates it’s ready to be picked, while a yellowish color suggests it’s past its prime.
Most varieties hit their sweet spot between 7 and 8 inches in length. This is typically when cucumbers are most flavorful, but if you want to pickle them, 2 to 4 inches works well.
Color and size aren’t the only things to look for — shape and firmness are important, too. A ripe cucumber feels firm to the touch and should be smooth and wrinkle-free.
Other reliable indicators include knowing the timeline of a cucumber plant. Most cucumber varieties typically reach maturity around 50 to 70 days after planting.
Since they can grow rapidly, you should still regularly inspect them, especially when you harvest frequently because it stimulates the plant to produce more cucumbers.