A snake in a hole.
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The Tell-Tale Sign You Have A Snake Hole In Your Yard
If you’ve spotted holes in your garden and are beginning to get worried that you’ve got a snake on your hands, there are ways to know for sure.
Snake holes generally measure around 1 inch in diameter and have loosely scattered soil around them, which is created when the snake moves in and out of the hole.
If it's a snake hole, you won’t see claw marks or signs of digging. If you do, it’s very likely that you have a squirrel digging around in your garden.
To keep snakes out of your yard, clean up any pet food left outside and fix any leaky hoses. Easy access to food and water is practically an invitation for a snake.
You can also plant snake-repellent plants like marigolds and lemongrass. Regular lawn maintenance will help reduce the number of hiding spots for snakes.
If you already identified a snake hole in your yard, fill them up with a mixture of soil and gravel, which will make it difficult for them to reopen the hole.