The LPG gas tank for cooking is stored in the small storage compartment near the gas stove bar in the kitchen, front view for the copy space.
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The Tell-Tale Sign Your Propane Tank Needs To Be Burped
Burping is the process of shutting off the propane tank and grill’s burners, disconnecting the hose for a while, then reconnecting everything in the correct order.
It is an essential trick for resetting the propane regulator to ensure smooth and uninterrupted gas flow. Your propane system will give subtle cues that it needs burping.
One sign is no ignition, which likely means the safety valve has engaged due to sensing a potential overpressure situation and has shut off the gas flow accordingly.
Another common sign is weak
flames, indicating insufficient propane flowing to the grill. This can lead to less aggressive flames and longer cook times.
The final indicator
is sputtering grill flames, which can be compared to trying to light a candle in a windstorm. This is likely caused by trapped air within your propane system.
If you need to burp your propane tank, wear gloves, ensure the barbecue's burners are in the off position, and open the grill’s lid to release any trapped gas.