Silver adhesive tape lying on a a white background
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The TikTok-Approved Tape That Adds Instant Character To Your Home
Aluminum foil tape is gaining popularity on TikTok to add sparkle to any room. It's an affordable hack available on Amazon for less than $10 a roll.
According to several TikTok videos, you can choose your favorite shade to elevate any space. Since it has an adhesive backing similar to masking tape, it goes on easily.
To adhere correctly, cleaning and drying the area first is best. Once dry, apply the decorative tape, pulling it taut to prevent bubbles and crooked lines.
If you need to readjust the tape, remove it and start over before its backing has time to cure; the adhesive takes about 20 minutes to be at 50% strength.
It should be noted that aluminum foil tape may be difficult to remove and can leave behind a sticky residue. It can also remove a layer of paint when peeled off finished surfaces.