Chipped laminate flooring
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The TikTok
Trick That
Makes Repairing Chipped Laminate
Floors A Breeze
According to @telrnanmccorkell on TikTok, the first step in fixing a chipped laminate floor is to vacuum the crack or use balled-up tape to lift any dust or debris from the crack.
You’ll need a wax resin repair kit containing wax blocks of colors that match your floor plank. Shave off a few pieces of wax with a box cutter and pat them into the chip.
Then, use an electric soldering iron to melt the wax into the crack and blend it into the surrounding plank. Etch wax into the plank's grooves, copying
its texture and pattern.
Add some grooves into the wax with the cutter, mimicking the ones already in the plank, then color them with a crayon to match the etchings so the plank looks seamless.
Once the wax dries, add furniture polish over the
spot to seal it. Avoid steam mopping on this plank, as the heat might alter the wax's coloring and feathering.