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The Time Christina On The Coast Featured An Awkward Homeowner Demo
When surveying the kitchen of a lovely California Tudor home for the first time, HGTV’s Christina Hall noticed that the owner had opened up part of the wall in the kitchen himself.
After Hall had received a quote for $100,000 to remove the wall, the owner once again committed to taking down the wall himself, hoping to save the money for an outdoor space.
When Hall discovered he had gotten a head start on demolishing the wall, she was somewhat shocked, telling House Beautiful, "It's not often I have homeowners doing their own demo."
The homeowner also began to remove the tiled backsplash and knock holes in other kitchen walls. Plus, he even removed an existing dumbwaiter and demolished a fireplace mantle.
The man’s spouse told Hall, "I am so happy the professionals are finally here because every day I would come home from work and something else would be demoed."