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The Time-Saving Hack You Can Use To Clean Your Bathroom Trash Can
Your bathroom can be home to about 200 million bacteria, and so it is essential to clean every part of it. The shower, toilet, mirror, floors, and mats all require different cleaning methods, so here’s a trick to help you out while also cleaning that little trash can in the corner.
Instead of cleaning it separately, convert your small trash can into a bucket that can be used to clean the rest of your bathroom. After emptying its contents, add some cleaning solution and water to clean your space while also cleaning the trash can itself.
For a natural cleanser, white vinegar is great for bathrooms to easily remove spots from most surfaces. Pair it with the Clorox All-Purpose Scrub Brush to get deep into grout, tile, toilets, drains, and those small, hard-to-reach areas.