Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott of the "Property Brothers" attend the launch of their new book "Dream Home" at Indigo Manulife Centre on April 15, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by GP Images/WireImage)
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The Timeless Paint Colors The Property Brothers Swear By
The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are paint experts due to their many years of renovations, and they believe that certain paint colors will never go out of style.
The first color Drew and Jonathan love is "Chelsea Gray." A sophisticated gray shade with brown and violet undertones, this chic color will add a refined atmosphere to a space.
Generally, neutrals like "Chelsea Gray" are considered to be timeless because, unlike color trends, they don't come and go. Plus, you can use them pretty much anywhere.
The second shade the brothers always use is "Cloud White." Not quite a strong white but also not quite a cream, this paint color is a true classic neutral.
Bright whites can age badly, and cream can look dated and old-fashioned, but "Cloud White" mixes these two shades, bypassing both of these issues to create a truly timeless look.
The Property Brothers' final timeless paint choice is "Grenada Villa," which differs from other gray paints because of the strong green influences it contains.
In general, gray-green is a popular color choice among interior designers, and the Property Brothers have long been partial to using green in their homes.