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The Toilet Cleaning TikTok Hack That Makes Chores So Much Easier
A TikTok video from user Angelfacesllc introduced viewers to a new toilet cleaning method, and all it takes is a bottle of the cleaner of your choice — the individual filming the video decided on Fabuloso. Simply poke a hole or cut a very small slit in the bottom of the bottle and place it in your toilet tank.
Of course, filling the entire toilet tank with a cleaning solution would be disastrous from both an economic and environmental perspective. However, by having the bottle of solution in the water with just a small hole or slit in it, the theory is that small amounts of the solution are released with every flush.
Though Digital Mom Blog couldn't get enough of the toilet cleaning hack, opinions on TikTok were a bit mixed about the idea. One commenter pointed out that the size of the bottle is important, as smaller bottles could float around the water tank or even get stuck, potentially causing flooding.