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The Top Tile Color To Make Any Small Bathroom Seem Bigger
Small bathrooms can feel cramped and dark if not designed with the right colors. Choosing the best tile hue for this small space may be the most challenging thing to do, and with so many colors and shapes available on the market, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.
Luckily, you're not constrained to only a few shades. White is the typical go-to when wanting to create a bright and open room, but there are many other bright shades of other fun hues that you can use instead if you desire a specific design and atmosphere in your bathroom.
Blue can be used in many shades to make a small bathroom feel bigger, and it's such a vibrant color that — used with white tiles and grout — it creates a fresh and reviving look. Another hue that works splendidly in a small bathroom is a light pink, which is bright and fun.