Paint color samples: greens and blues
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The Trending Kitchen Cabinet Color On TikTok That Will Add Value To Your Home
Many believe that colorful home features decrease a house’s value, but in this case, it can increase its value by as much as $6,400 for just the price of a paint can.
Green kitchen cabinets have transitioned from an internet trend to a staple in recent years after quickly becoming a popular trend amongst interior design TikToks.
Darker, softer, and earthier shades of green — like olive, military, and sage green — are ideal as they easily compliment other colors, metals, etc.
If you want something a little brighter without getting too intense, consider French green, but avoid shades with yellow-heavy tones, like lime and kelly green.
The color green is heavily associated with nature, so it has a very grounding, soothing, and calming effect, especially in the darker and softer shades mentioned earlier.
This makes green perfect for a kitchen, which can often get a little overwhelming, as it offers a sense of balance and emotional neutrality.