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The Trendy Paint Trick You Need To Easily Brighten Up Any Room
Trims don't always take center focus, but these borders can transform your space. Adding vibrant hues to the basic white borders of a room’s trim will brighten up the room.
If you have a bright trim, you need color contrast so it doesn't feel too stark. Play with wallpaper, textured walls, carpet, and artwork to balance out the contrasts.
Interior designer Maria T says painting your trim in “bright and airy [colors] will lead the eye to the natural light coming in,” and make “the room appear expansive and roomier.”
Having all the trims in the same shade creates a cohesive design, but amp up the allure with slightly varying tints. There is no hiding colorful trims, so pick the right hue.
You can create a two-tone effect by painting the framing a slightly brighter shade from the walls. This style creates a gradient look and adds dimension to a room.
Another stand-out look
for trim is high contrast. Opposite tones on the color wheel — red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and orange — make for
the greatest juxtaposition.
Opposite tones will complement each other while holding their ground. However, the brighter the trim in comparison to the wall color, the greater its spacious effect will be.