A kitchen with wood cabinets and a sintered stone countertop
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The Trendy Stone Countertop Material That's Also Extra Durable
Sintered stone countertops stand out as a stylish and incredibly durable option for modern kitchens and bathrooms, blending aesthetic appeal with unmatched functionality.
This innovative material is crafted through a sintering process that compresses and heats a blend of natural minerals and recycled materials without reaching their melting points.
The outcome is a scratch-, etch-, and heat-resistant surface that is mostly silica-free and doesn't require sealing, making it an eco-friendly and low-maintenance choice.
This dense, compact surface has low porosity, meaning it's highly resistant to acidic spills and stains, negating the need for resealing over time. It's fairly easy to clean, too.
On par with quartz in hardness, it can endure the impact of heavy utensils and is resistant to heat, UV, and frost, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.
Its non-porous, antibacterial surface promotes a hygienic environment, free from mold and dirt. Moreover, it is available in a broad spectrum of colors and finishes.
However, avoid installing sintered stone countertops on your own, as they require specific cutting tools and could break if handled incorrectly.