Young woman potting plants in her city garden.
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The Two Gardening Tasks That Are Best Done After
A Heavy Rain
Once you're able to tend to your garden after heavy rainfall, make sure you remove critters that may have made their way into your garden and get rid of weeds, if any.
Water-loving critters like snails and slugs rely on moisture to survive, so they will come out, especially during rains, and feast on any garden greens they can find.
Start by searching your garden's soil and the plants that reside there for the critters, being sure to turn over leaves that they could be hiding under and munching on.
Once you've located the snails or slugs, use gloves or a shovel to carefully pick up the slimy creatures and put them in an open container like a bucket or cup.
Place the container at least 20 feet away from your plants as
it will allow the gastropods to exit on their own, resulting in their permanent eviction from your growing garden.
Rain softens the soil and makes removing pesky weeds from your garden easier, especially if the soil is soaked down to the weeds' roots.
Put on your garden gloves and carefully pull each weed from the base. This is also a great time to remove any branches, sticks, and debris that may have blown into your garden.