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The Two Herbs You Shouldn't Plant Next To Each Other
You shouldn’t plant fennel and cilantro next to each other in the ground as they compete for the same nutrients, which can impede the growth of one or
both herbs.
Fennel often hinders the growth of cilantro plants and can even make them susceptible to disease if they are left to grow together for too long.
Fennel is also known to produce and release allelochemicals into the soil, which can restrict access to nutrients for surrounding plants, including cilantro.
Instead, cilantro grows best around legumes, potatoes, peppers, strawberries, asparagus, and tomatoes, as well as a variety of flowers and herbs.
Fennel is incompatible with most crops, so your best bet is to plant it in a separate container with its own soil or plant it several feet away in its own designated space.