Red flowers on a glass vase
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The Two Kitchen Ingredients That Can De-Grime Your Cloudy Flower Vase
By the end of a flower's bloom in a vase, there tends to be a leftover layer that leaves the glass vases cloudy. Fortunately, vinegar and salt can help you remove this grime.
Combine vinegar and salt into a paste, starting with just one tablespoon of salt. Work the mixture into the vase, focusing on the discolored sections.
After about 10 minutes, rinse and it should come out cloud-free. Salt is abrasive and absorbent, while vinegar is acidic enough to break down tough stains.
However, for lesser stains, white vinegar alone may also suffice. Simply apply vinegar on to the affected area, then rinse the following morning.
Leaving a vase in vinegar overnight is generally pretty effective at getting rid of cloudiness. Simply pour vinegar up to the affected area, then rinse the following morning.
Per Martha Stewart, warm the vinegar up beforehand, then leave the vase in it for just one hour. Once again, give the vase a rinse, and it should be good to go.