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The Two Natural Secret Weapons Your Garden Needs To Thrive
A common practice in sustainable gardening is using seaweed, and another is growing green manure
or cover crops. These techniques “fertilize” the soil by packing in nutrients.
Seaweed fertilizer is the first major cornerstone of regenerative gardening. Seaweed is also super rich in nutrients, and it is an excellent soil conditioner.
You can use seaweed as an instant, slow-release fertilizer for a wide variety of plants, including fruits and vegetables. Use seaweed as a mulch and it will deter slugs and snails.
Green manure is like living fertilizer, as these crops are grown to enrich the soil. They also attract pollinators and keep weeds from coming through in your garden.
Cover crops become green manure once they’re tilled under the soil before the next planting season of regular crops. This allows the soil to replenish after depletion.
If the soil needs to be enriched with nitrogen, plant legumes such as clovers and peas as green manure. For weed suppression, fast-growing grasses such as oats are a good option.