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Two Backyard Essentials, According To The Property Brothers
Well-known for their home renovation show, "Property Brothers," brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott claim that every backyard needs two essential things for it to thrive. These minor changes can spruce up your home significantly, and no backyard is complete without them.
It's awkward when the only direct path from the house to the backyard is through a side door instead of the living room or kitchen. Direct access to the backyard through a door is essential, because it makes it easier to go in and out as much as you'd like, especially if you have kids or pets.
If you have a door that leads outside, you might as well have a deck to go with it. Drew and Jonathan state that a deck for your backyard is an important feature that can spruce up your outdoor space. A deck elongates the home while providing an extra lounging area in your backyard, increasing the value of your home as it does.