A garbage disposal under a sink
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The Two Tools You Need To Get Glass Out Of Your Garbage Disposal
To safely extract glass from your garbage disposal, use pliers and a vacuum. Pliers protect your hands, and the vacuum will ensure that small pieces of glass are removed.
Make sure your garbage disposal is switched off and unplugged from the electrical outlet before removing glass from the drain so it won't accidentally turn on while you work on it.
While wearing rubber gloves, remove any large shards from the sink. Grab a pair of long pliers, and use them to reach into the drain and remove any shards that slipped in.
Once the large shards have been cleared, grab a hose vacuum and use it to remove any finer shards in the sink, around the drain, and at the disposal’s opening.
Grab an Allan wrench and insert it into the blade socket at the bottom of the disposal under the sink. Wiggle it back and forth to rotate the blades to dislodge any more shards.
Use the hose vacuum one more time to clean the sink in case any more shards appear. Once you’re done, your garbage disposal should be free of any glass.