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The Type Of Bedding Nate Berkus Avoids At All Costs
In terms of his bedding preferences, the one thing Nate Berkus can't stand has absolutely nothing to do with aesthetics and everything to do with practicality.
Berkus told Homes & Gardens, “I don't like bedding that sleeps warm.” The interior designer says to find bedding that “sleeps a little cooler” since it offers more options.
You can always layer on extra blankets if you need more warmth, but if your bedding is trapping your body heat and waking you up in a sweat, you can’t do much to counteract it.
Having cooler bedding begins with the sheets. A higher thread count means the sheets are woven more tightly and aren't as breathable, so aim for a thread count between 180 and 280.
Opt for a percale over a sateen weave since it allows for more airflow and for sheets made of cotton, bamboo, or Tencel, which are very breathable and good at absorbing moisture.
Swap a larger pillow, which might feel cozy but can actually trap heat, with two more compact options or with pillows that have cooling gel within, or a breathable cover.
Select duvets and comforters crafted from materials that wick moisture and allow air to circulate, such as cotton and bamboo, and that contain natural fillings like down or wool.
Factor in the duvet’s tog rating, which indicates how warm a duvet is. The lower the rating, the more lightweight the duvet, so choose something on the lower end of the scale.
Finally, add a cooling mattress topper for temperature regulation and a little boost of extra comfort.