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The Ultimate Guide To American Colonial Decor
Red Doors
A door painted the right shade of red can be impressive from a distance and close up, as the bold color captures the eye. In colonial times, a red front door represented a welcoming home where people could rest and relax, and while the meaning has evolved over time, it remains a bold statement.
Stars And Stripes
For the ultimate American Colonial look in your home, draw inspiration from the stars and stripes that are everywhere in American culture, and introduce them into the decor with accessories. "I would suggest starting with some pillows or a rug," designer Liz Cann advises.
American Colonial homes evoke feelings of comfort, making quilts a must-have. "Quilts bring warmth, depth, and texture into any room," quilter and designer Suzy Williams says. For a contemporary twist, consider alternative placements, like displaying a quilt on a wall.
Handmade Rugs
Handcrafted objects were not uncommon in homes of early America, as most residents decorated their spaces with items made by hand rather than a machine. Whether duplicated or one-of-a-kind, hand-woven rugs are a great way to add softness underfoot in a room.
Crystal Chandeliers
Dazzling, shimmering, and elegantly beautiful crystal chandeliers can transform any room — or even closet space — with an instant dash of drama. That’s why a crystal chandelier is just the element you want to include in your American Colonial-inspired home.