Mockup frame in farmhouse living room interior, 3d render
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The Ultimate Guide To Farmhouse Decor
Instead of brighter colors, the farmhouse style uses neutrals like gray, beige, white, taupe, cream, and brown to invoke warmth. Muted colors like lighter shades of blue and green and colors that have gray mixed into them are also perfect for this theme.
Unfinished Wood
Furniture like coffee tables, console tables, chests, and end tables in natural or unfinished wood will bring natural beauty into your home. While unfinished wood is durable and affordable, it’s important to keep liquids away, as it comes without a sealant and can get warped or stained.
Open Shelving
Open shelves in wood or mixed metal finishes are easy to install and functional. You can use them to display mementos, or if placed in your kitchen, they can hold frequently used items like wine glasses, cooking utensils, or spices for easy access.
Apron Sink
Replacing your kitchen sink with an apron sink will not only enhance the farmhouse vibe, but it has many benefits as well. These sinks are often deeper and wider than modern sinks, and they are also designed to prevent water damage from happening to the cabinets below them.
Exposed Beams
Exposed wood beams will add a rustic touch to living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways, and come in a variety of patterns like horizontal, vertical, zig-zagged, and slanted. An alternate choice is to incorporate mixed metal beams if you already have a lot of wooden furniture.