Concrete wall being painted white with paint roller
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The Unbeatable Benefits Of Boxing Paint You Need To Know About
Boxing paint involves combining all your paint in one large container to ensure minor color variations are so well blended they become unnoticeable and look like a solid color.
Even a slight variation in tint from one container to the next could make noticeable blotches on walls, which is why gathering cans of similar color and mixing them is worthwhile.
To box paint, simply pour the cans into a large bucket and attach a squirrel mixer to a variable-speed drill in order to whip everything up and remove minor discrepancies.
The method works best when painting large areas that require multiple cans of paint. You should also end up with leftover paint that will be the perfect color for touch-ups.
Another benefit is easier storage, as you can get rid of multiple cans for a single bucket. Boxing paint will give your wall a perfect color consistency and prevent future trouble.