A jar of baking soda with a wooden spoon
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The Unbeatable Benefits Of Using Baking Soda To
Clean Your Baseboards
Baseboards get dirty for various reasons, and baking soda, a mild abrasive due to its texture, will give you a one-stop solution for cleaning any stain or scuff off it.
Baking soda's texture works almost like a super fine sandpaper to remove dirt buildup or dirty smears while being so mild that it won't ruin the finish or the paint.
Make a paste using three parts baking soda with one part water, ensuring a consistency wet enough to be a pliable paste. If it's too watery, it may dribble down the boards.
Use a microfiber cloth to dip into the paste and apply it to the scuffs and marks. Rub the marks in a circular motion before using a second, damp microfiber cloth to wipe it clean.