Hydrangea bloom in the garden
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The Unbeatable Benefits Of Using Orange Peels In Your Hydrangea Garden
Rich in potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, orange peels can help hydrangeas survive and thrive in their current growth conditions when added to the soil.
To use orange peels as an organic fertilizer in your soil, let the peels dry before you grind them into a powder and rub them around the base of the plant.
You can also dry out the peels, cut them into small sections, and place them around the plant, working them into the top of the soil. For faster results, bury the peels deeper.
This process can also change the soil's pH level. Since a hydrangea's color depends on the soil's acidity, orange peels are equally effective in changing a hydrangea's color.
Additionally, the natural citrusy fragrance of orange peels will deter common insects like aphids, while the d-Limonene in the peels can damage their nervous system and kill them.
To use the peels as repellant, boil them in water for about 10 minutes. Strain the solution in a spray bottle after cooling and spritz the plant weekly or every three to four days.