Fitting a suspended ceiling.
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The Unexpected Ceiling Finish That Will Make Your Home One-Of-A-Kind
A visually captivating ceiling can enhance any home. Instagram user @callsigndesign achieved this by incorporating bricks into the ceiling above her banquette.
While many European structures feature genuine bricks, the process of laying them on a ceiling is much more complex, typically involving professional bricklayers and scaffolding.
However, you can find plenty of DIY tutorials featuring brick tiles, which vary in thickness and are often used on floors and fireplace surrounds to achieve a brick look.
Faux bricks in other forms, including Kingston bricked panels, paint treatments, Distressed Brick Red Vinyl Wallpaper, or even carved foam can be utilized to upgrade the ceiling.
Ensure to consider the weight limitations of the ceiling and any materials over which you’ll be laying brick tiles. Take necessary safety precautions during installation.
Using scored plaster or brick panels is an easier way to achieve the same look for much less work, time, and weight concerns. The panels can be directly screwed into the studs.
They are also rental-friendly and easily removable. The brick look can give a little more interest to the ceilings in small spaces, especially if they are higher or vaulted.
They can add a rustic and textured feel to entryways, pantries, and laundry rooms as well. Alternatively, you can combine the brick with faux wood beams for a European look.