Farmer hand dressed in a glove giving chemical fertilizer to young pepper plants
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The Unexpected Fertilizer That Will Help Give You A Green Thumb
Gelatin serves as a perfect nitrogen fertilizer. A source of animal protein, the soil’s microorganisms can easily break it down and turn it into nitrogen that plants can uptake.
While nitrogen helps plants grow strong shoots and greener leaves, gelatin will additionally help enhance nutrient absorption, plant quality, and stress tolerance.
Gelatin is also free of harmful chemicals and, compared to using items like eggshells and coffee grounds, presents an aesthetic way of adding nitrogen to the soil.
Containing 7.1 milligrams of nitrogen, equivalent to about 40 milligrams of protein, gelatin releases nutrients slowly into the soil, preventing overfertilization issues.
To prepare gelatin liquid fertilizer, mix a bag of unflavored gelatin with 50 milliliters of cold water in a one-liter bottle, allowing it to sit for two minutes.
Once the gelatin softens, add another 250 milliliters of water. Stir the components and fill the bottle to the brim before using the mixture during irrigation sessions.