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The Unexpected Hygiene Item You Don't Want To Flush Down The Toilet
Flushing anything besides regular toilet paper and waste carries a certain degree of risk, but flushing one bathroom staple should be strictly avoided at all costs: dental floss.
Most dental floss is made of non-biodegradable materials such as synthetic waxed nylon or Teflon. Since it can’t break down, it builds up and is detrimental to your water lines.
Dental floss can become trapped in your pipes and intertwine with other objects or solids, causing troublesome clogs and obstructions in the wastewater system.
Flushing dental floss can also affect the environment and community sewer systems, as several studies have highlighted the presence of microplastics in water sources.
If you find yourself facing a clogging issue, seek the assistance of a professional, as drain cleaners, like Drano, are typically ineffective at breaking down dental floss.