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The Unexpected IKEA Part That's Perfect For Bathroom Storage
TikToker @kleinstadtcoco shares imaginative ways to recreate IKEA classics, and her hack of turning a shelving unit into a bathroom storage piece is one of her most popular posts.
The project uses the IVAR side unit, a 12" x 70" piece that costs $25 and is normally used as a customizable shelving unit, and a pair of BILLSBRO stainless steel handles for $6.
The only thing you'll need for this project is a screwdriver. You can also opt to paint both pieces or keep the IVAR's light wooden and BILLSBRO's metallic finishes as they are.
Once you’ve got your items, slide the BILLSBRO handles onto the base of the top rung of the IVAR and screw them in place so that the lip is sticking out of the front.
Add as many of these handles as you wish to serve as hangers, and then flip the ladder around and lean it against the wall.
Hang towels and accessories from the knobs as well as from the other rungs of the ladder. Now you have an adorable customized bathroom storage piece without breaking the bank.